hereinafter (INSIDE ROM), declares:

1. That there is anti-corruption legislation, both from governments of countries, as well as from public and private organizations.
2. That anti-corruption is a highly important and priority concern of the aforementioned instances.
3. That anti-corruption legislation is applicable in practically the entire world.
4. That in order to comply with the requirements, standards and principles that anticorruption establishes, it is necessary to govern the behavior of the individuals that compose or compose the organizations.
5. That the instrument that par excellence defines and regulates the conduct of the individuals of an organization is the Code of Ethics.

1. All transactions, without exception between INSIDE ROM and any other organization, must be free of any attempt to influence illicitly on any of the officials responsible for making decisions about the processes involved in the business relationship between INSIDE ROM and any other organization, whether public or private.
2. INSIDE ROM prohibits its internal collaborators and intermediaries from suggesting, carrying out, offering or accepting bribes, focused on getting or maintaining inappropriately contracts, business or favorable approvals to obtain any other improper business advantage, with no entity or person .
3. INSIDE ROM undertakes to maintain instruments that contribute to transparency, such as books and records that contain and accurately and accurately reflect each and every one of its commercial transactions, which in turn will be registered in a system of internal accounting control. The books and records will be at the reasonable level of detail to accurately reflect the transactions and the use of the assets of the company. Any transaction not recorded in such books and systems constitutes an infraction.

1. Failure to comply with anti-corruption provisions may involve administrative, civil or criminal sanctions, both for INSIDE ROM and for involved participants. These sanctions could be sanctioned according to the applicable legislation in each case.
2. Due to the foregoing, failure to comply with this Policy or legislation may imply disciplinary measures on the part of INSIDE ROM, in addition to which the authorities themselves may impose on the person, the termination of the employment or commercial relationship may be involved.

1. Any infringement of this Anti-Corruption Policy must be notified to the General Directorate of INSIDE ROM and the means of contact would be:
a. Email:
b. Telephone Number: 01 800 890 97 25
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